Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Knit!

I finished anothe rknit. I am on a roll, I tell you. This time it's Spirogyra fingerless gloves. Made with Oceamwind Knits Merino II. A lovely yarn. I made the shorter version of the mitts and they are plenty long, 21cm from one end to the other.

spirogyra both

spirogyra on

This picture is closest to the actual colour:
spirogyra tc

All in all, a very successful knit. I cast on and it took 8 days to complete and that is with several days of not knitting at all due to work and the like. 2/3 of that was over 2 days. I could have knit the whole shebang in a weekend if I was dedicated.

I have already worn them and loved em!