Sunday, January 09, 2011

Modern Technology Teaching...Sort of

People tend to come into the pharmacy with all sorts of odd ideas picked up from the internet or tv shows. The example below I filched from Not Always Right/Funny and Stupid Customer Quotes, but is a pretty fair example:

A Bit Grey With Anatomy, Part 2from Not Always Right Funny & Stupid Customer Quotes by
(Bakery Concord, MA, USA)

(A girl begins to choke on some bread. The mother then proceeds to try and give the daughter some bizarre imitation of the Heimlich Manoeuvre.)

Me: “Ma’am, wait for her to stop coughing before you help her.”

Customer: “What? She’ll die by then!”

Me: “I’m certified in CPR, I know what I’m talking about. It’s not an emergency until she can’t cough. When she can’t cough anymore, I can help her.”

(The customer is now basically punching her daughter in the stomach, and I’m becoming increasingly worried that she is going to injure her. Suddenly, the girl stops coughing.)

Customer: “See, I didn’t need your help. And you know what? I’m certified too; I watch Grey’s Anatomy every time it’s on!”