Monday, May 03, 2010

Found It!

When we first moved into this place 13 years ago, we designated one spare bedroom as the storage room. You know, the place to keep Christmas decorations etc. Stuff you need, but don't use all the time. Uh huh. That room got turned into the dumping ground. Gotta hide something before a surprise guest drops in? Throw it in there. Yup. What a disorganized mess it was. Hubby and I have been going through it slowly. We have a 2 garbage bag limit for garbage pickup here, so our modus operandi was to go through stuff until we filled one garbage bag. Then we'd stop. Until the following week.

Among the trash, I found a treasure! Last summer I was working on a scarf. A very nice scarf. With lovely, silky yarn. And it got eaten by our dumping ground room. I have found it! YAY!

Cleaning up does have it's rewards.

As a sidenote, we decided to designate the room to a purpose to keep that from happening again. It's gonna be my library room. I've started moving books in already. It's lovely. Finally they will be all in one place!