Monday, May 31, 2010

Fit Flops Review

A while back I saw an ad for Fit Flops. They promised to tone my butt and activate my stabilizer muscles to tone my calves and thighs so I could have sleek looking legs. All without going to the gym. I decided to try em out. They set me back $70 plus tax. (that's in Canadian dollars). I wore them 4 days a week, minimum, at work. I work a 7.5 hour day. Most of it on my feet.

The sandals are very comfortable. I had no back, foot or leg achiness due to standing. Which is an improvement over my normal day. I did get some leg tiredness. Which is to be expected as the sandals are supposed to be working out your leg muscles.

I measured my calves, thighs and butt before and after a 6 week period. calves shrunk by 0.25 inches. Thigh stayed the same and butt was down 0.75 inches. My weight has dropped by 1lb. This could be due to the sandals, I suppose, or it could be due to the fact that now that the weather has improved, I am walking more. Or a combination of it.

So, these sandals are no miracle shoe. They ARE very comfortable and MAY help tone your legs. Whether that's worth the $70 to you is your choice.

I was not asked by the company to do this review, nor have I recieved any compensation for the review.