Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Melonhead Hat

The husband has a big head. No seriously, he can't wear adjustable baseball hats cause they are too small. This means that most winter caps are rather tight on his head. So I found a hat pattern that you plug your gauge into and it tells you how many stitches to cast on etc to get the correct sized hat! It's called Zeebee. The pattern is straightforward and easy, The tricky bit is at the end when you have to graft garter stitch. Voila the hat.

Yarn:Paton's classic merino in, obviously, black

I thought I had found how to graft garter stitch by googling it. I did not. I had to go to Ravelry and ask someone how to do it. I'll post the right way to graft garter stitch another day. Gotta get it together in understandable words. Tthe husband has already worn it a couple of times and seems to like it. We'll see if he keeps wearing it....