Tuesday, December 30, 2008

High Tech

Today's world is decidedly high tech. However, there are a few situations where low tech works just fine or better than high tech.

For example, cat-proofing your kitchen. Raven has turned into quite the intrepid explorer. He has been spotted on tables, counters and even on the fume hood over the stove! He has learned how to open (and close, thus concealing the evidence) cupboards. He roots through the garbage. It's like we never feed him or something. Which I assure you is not the case. We have even set out an extra food bowl for him where the other girls can't get at it to give him a little extra.

So, the other day, when I came downstairs and found garbage strewn about and the cat-food cupboard open and the cans of food tumbled every which way, I took steps. Very low tech steps.
Step one:

Empty vegetable oil jug refilled with water and placed on garbage can lid. Not as inconvenient as other possible items to weigh down the lid since it has a nifty handle. and so far Raven has not discovered how to lift this much weight!

Step 2:

Loop an elastic band around the handle of the drawer, pass through cupboard handle and loop back over drawer handle. Raven can pull the door open a centimetre or so. The door then snaps shut on him. Makes a little thumping noise, but that's it.

Voila! Low tech cat-proofing! With bonus points for cheapness.