Monday, December 15, 2008

Adventures in Pharmacy

Due to a migraine, no real knitting has happened for a few days. Thus, it is time for another installment of work stories.

I had a lady come in to get something for her kids to keep them from being carsick. When I pulled out the Gravol (dimenhydrinate), she said that her brother-in-law out west used something that didn't make him sleepy. So I suggested the ginger tablets (also made by Gravol). Ginger has been used for centuries to settle stomachs. Nope, she was having none of that. She wanted the mystery product that her BIL used. I asked if this product was a patch?(scopolamine) Nope. I had no idea and suggested she get him to tell her the brand name or, ideally, the ingredient in whatever he was using. She whipped out her cell-phone and called him. What was the mystery product? Dramamine. Of course he wasn't at home (he was on his cell) so couldn't tell her the active ingredient.

However, with my 18 years of pharmacist experience, I knew that the active ingredient is the same as Gravol. She kept insisting it wasn't. Finally, I just had to tell her that the only thing we had was Gravol. Did she want it or not? As I was ringing her sale up, her cell phone rang again. It was someone in the parking lot. She had blocked them in with her company car. Since the phone number was on the vehicle, the blocked in person called her! She was all huffy about it.

Umm, this woman came in. Was rude to me. Refused to believe me when I told her something true to AND blocked someone in the parking lot. Nice person.

Onwards. Same day, a couple of hours later. Client came in with paperwork from her new job. Said paperwork contained (supposedly) the drug plan information for billing. she wanted her kid's $100 medication billed to the plan. I explained that I would try, but the paperwork typically doesn' t have all the info we need. Sure enough, there were 2 sets of numbers. One for the actual insurance company. One for the third party computer claims company. But no indication of which 3rd party computer claims company. There are many. There was also no indication that her particular plan was accepted online. I tried to take an educated guess and wrestled with it for 15 minutes. With her standing in front of me getting irritable. Finally gave up and told the lady that without the 3rd party company name, I couldn't do it, could she come back when she had the actual card in hand? She got all huffy and angry and stalked off.

Apparently, I was supposed to be psychic and know what plan to use. Lady, if Iwas psychic, I wouldn't be working. I would have divined the lottery numbers ages ago and I would be living the good life. Somewhere warm. With a poolboy and a masseuse on staff. Oh. and a personal trainer to get me off my ass so it didn't become the size of HER ass.

That is all