Thursday, October 09, 2008

Stay Late?

I was working at a store today that closes at 5pm. At 5:01pm the phone rang and the technician answered it for some reason. A client wanted us to stay open so she could fill her prescription. Not only did she want us to stay late, she wanted us to send a driver to pick up her prescription, bring it to us, fill it and then re-deliver it! It would have taken at least an hour. I said no, we are closed and I went home. I can't believe someone actually thought a store would stay open just for them. The amount of money paid in salary would have been 20 times the profit from her prescription. Not to mention the fact that the store would have to pay the driver for the deliveries. Also, the store has free prescription delivery. Not pick up. Argh. She wasn't too happy, but I was tired and ready to go home. (as a side note, the technician told me that the client doesn't work and does this sort of crap all the time)

This call came after a doctor's office called and accused us of witholding a cancer patient's medication. We pulled the prescription and the medication wasn't written on the damned prescription! How is that OUR fault? They didn't believe us. We had to fax the rx BACK to the doctor's office to prove it! Why on earth would we lie about that? They did not apologize when they discovered that the error was indeed theirs. Not that I expected any different....

In other news, Raven is fascinated with the recycle box.