Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

And Merry Christmas, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday! I got me a new toy!

A Lendrum Dt spinning wheel! Please note that my wheel has 3 protectors, 2 of which have laser beams for eyes. Hands off! You have been warned....

I tried to take a picture of the fiber I spun up, but my photography skills today seem to have abandoned me. Probably from the excitement of having a wheel!

The brown is shetland and the white is alpaca. The shetland was much easier to spin! Next I will be trying the pretty blue BFL I bought the other day.

I didn't buy a case for it. Budget you know. So I took a page out of the Japanese handbook and furoshiki'd the wheel when not in use. To keep cats and dust away.

It's a bedsheet I had tucked away that I never used until now.

I'm off to play.