Tuesday, June 27, 2006

no knitting today!

Today was sewing day. Actually, yesterday and today was sewing day. A while ago I made new curtains for the living room, and my hubby fell in love with a 2nd fabric. so I promised him I would make pillows out of it. He originally wanted curtains. I thought the fabric was a bit bright for that. However, I could live with pillows. So pillows it was. However, yesterday my sewing machine decided to have a mind of it's own. The first pillow went ok. The second one, the bottom-side stitches decided to turn into a tangled mess!

See? See? How irritating! An hour later I figured out the problem. Apparently the way the thread loaded onto the bobbin was incorrect. Why it worked for the first pillow is beyond me. So I rewound the thread onto an empty bobbin and we were off to the races. Until I ran out of thread! Which necessitated an emergency trip to my local department store.

However, they are finally done!

Voila! 5 pillows all done up!

In other news, today I picked up my new hearing aids. These are Phonak brand, Savia model. They have more gadgets than the space shuttle! I am still figuring out when to use what program. There is one for quiet situations, one for noisy situations, one for use on the phone, one for reverberant room (haven't quite figured out what that means). There is a remote control to help flip from one program to another and to control volume. All this and it also has an "auto-pilot" which switches from one program to another.... But..they work! which is the point. However, I think I am going to get them to up the volume a little. They seem a little quiet compared to my others....We shall see after I use them for a day or 2.


Sandra D. said...

I have sewing days, too! Yours produced beautiful pillows. I really like the fabric.

Good luck on figuring out the new gadgetry. I'm so untechnical that I'd probably never figure it out. I give you an A+ for even trying them.

Wannietta said...

I love a good gadget but those hearing aids sound (no pun intended) hard core complicated!! Good luck.