Saturday, June 24, 2006

cat talk

Ok, no real knitting news to report, so here are acouple of pics to keep you amused!

This is Micha. In October 2004 she was diagnosed with bowel cancer. They operated and told us it was a particularly invasive type and that she would probably not live for more than 3 months. She is on a monthly steroid shot to suppress any cancer that is growing (and no, the glowy eyes is from my camera skills, not the steroids!) so far she is going strong.

This is Pagan. She is the queen of the household. And that is my knitting bag she is in! I turned around for a second and voila!

Here is a better shot of her ignoring my knitting. What you can't see is the tail twitching madly. she really wants it!

1 comment:

Sandra D. said...

They are both just beautiful!

I know that tail twitch. BC also has other "I'm about to attack the yarn" signals, and often I yank it out of the way just in time.

I also have that tatoo on my forehead - at least that's what David tells me!