Monday, June 26, 2006

Finally! Forward motion!

So the pink lace project seems to be progressing. I haven't messed up so bad I need to frog it, and in general looks the way I had pictured in my head. Yippee!

Yesterday was hubby's b-day, so didn't get much done. Went to the MIL for dinner where we both worked on our knitting. Me on my sock and she on her afghan. Ahhh companion knitting! Hubby whined about my travelling with knitting. Of course the first thing he and FIL did was turn on the tv to watch baseball. Not that much different than my bringing something. Not that hubby wouldn't bring a tv everywhere he went if he had one small enough....

1 comment:

Sandra D. said...

Oh, what's the pink lace going to be? That's really pretty.

I seldom travel anywhere without my knitting. Usually it's the "mindless" part of a sock, so working is no deterrent to conversation. No reason to waste the time, right?