Monday, January 23, 2012


After the ice storm we had, I decided I really needed to finish my mittens. My gloves got soaked and I wanted a warm dry pair to change into and I didn't have them. The horror. Therefore:

mietties openshut
mietties on
mietties onface

Pattern: Brier Twist
Yarn: Paton's Classic
Mods: Made cuff longer

I've been wearing them for a couple of days now. I think I would cast on a few fewer stitches across the palm of the flip top part if I made it again. They are a little big on me. I would also make the ribbing on the bottom part of the flip top (ie the part that is stationary) a bit longer.

Overall, the pattern is good, very easy to follow. I would suggest that you put a lifeline in on the last row of pattern before you do the ribbing so that it is easier to pick up the 20 stitches for the flip top part.