Sunday, May 01, 2011

Next Up!

Having finished the lovely circular shawl, I started poking around trying to decide what to make next. In the midst of all this, hubby and I discovered that his credit card may have been hacked when Sony screwed up with the information protection systems. So I am restricted to free patterns, until this is sorted. Fortunately, there were no funky charges on the card, so it's just a matter of getting a new one. I have been looking at Faroese shawl designs and decided to try a simple one first. Summer Shawlette , it's a free pattern at Knitting Daily. So far, it's been a clear pattern, with no surprises.
I am not quite getting gauge. Should be 4 stitches per inch and I am getting 4.5 and row should be 6.25 rows per inch and I am getting 5. However, that is unblocked and, lets say it all together, swatches LIE. And that is all this is at this point, essentially, a swatch. Besides, it's a shawl, not exactly a gauge-critical project, right?