Thursday, November 04, 2010

Trimming Kitty Claws

How to trim kitty claws

1. Search for supplies. Clippers, kitty treats. bandaids, gauze,wine (open the bottle first. trust me)

2. Search for cat.

3. Sit on floor with cat.

4. coax cat out from under coffee table

5. sit on floor with cat and pick up clippers.

6. wrap bloody scratches up with gauze, pry cat out from under sofa.

7. Sit on floor with cat held firmly.

8. pick up paw.

9. put bandaids on wrist.

10. pry cat out from under bed, grab paws and clip very quickly.

11. take kitty treats, throw box under desk, pour wine and drink.


Who us? No, we're GOOD kitties!