Sunday, June 20, 2010


Most of us have probably heard that we should take around 10,000 steps in one day to be healthy. My job is standing and walking for 7+ hours at a go. I figured I was probably pretty close to 10,000 steps in a day.

My workplace is having a 'competition'. The idea is to form teams, and then the team that walks the most wins bragging rights. They got us all pedometers from the local health unit and away we went. We just did the first week. Turns out an average day at work is around 4000 steps. That 's not even half of the healthy number! I was shocked. Even more shocking is that on a day when I don't leave the house, I only do around 1000 steps!

Here I figured I was doing not too bad. Turns out I was waaaaay bad.

I've now gone to Map My Walk, figured out a route that should get me close to 10,000 if not a smidge more. Hopefully the weather cooperates tomorrow and I'll try it out.
Elvis playing ball