Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One More Try

I cast on for the Spindrift Scarf with the lovely Handmaiden Rumple yarn. And used way too many 'power words'. Of the kind one would NOT say around young children. Not that I have any....But I digress. The lovely silk yarn is boucle-ish. Nubbly. And has a tendency, on 3.5mm needles, to get caught ont he neighbouring stitch. So you knit what you think is ONE stitch, but is, in actuality, TWO. Does not make for peaceful or fun knitting. Riiiiiiiiip.

I cast on again with Lorna's Laces Pearly yarn in the Amy's Office colourway. The colourway in the bottom right of that picture on the link. Boyohboy this is lovely yarn. It is a joy to knit with. Much less stressful. (Not that the Rumple yarn isn't nice, just not for this pattern)
And a closeup of the knitting:
This is more like it!

As a sidenote...want to win some Wollmeise? Go to Alabama Fiber dreams and you just might. If you follow instructions....