Friday, April 16, 2010

Clarifying the Dispensing Fee and Fingernail Friday!

Skip to the end for the fingernails if you wish......

Alrighty. We have covered the fact that the $7 dispensing fee that the gpvt pays is not enough as it stands right now. However, who is REALLY paying the dispensing fee? In many cases, it's NOT the government. That's right. ODB is a 2 tier system. People on lower incomes ($16 000 a year for a single person, $24 000 for a couple) pay a $2 copay. People that make more than the cutoff pay the first $100 a year then they pay $6.11 . (this is all per prescription) The $2 and the $6.11 are actually the dispensing fee. The govt pays $5 for the lower income people and $0.89 for the higher income people. So, really, the government is NOT paying the fee. Or even most of the fee in many cases. Thus all their posing is just that, posing. Now, the government claims that they are giving us a raise in the dispensing fee. Who is going to pay that? The client or the govenment? I have not heard a clear answer on that. But I bet it's NOT the government.
and now, on to the important part of the post...FINGERNAILS!