Thursday, December 10, 2009

I decided I wanted another hat. One that is a bit slouchy. I have gotten this far:

and am going to run out of yarn. But isn't the yarn pretty? Le sigh. So I am going to jigger the pattern a bit. I'm not going to do all the repeats asked for. I think I will now go into the decrease portion of the pattern. Then I will block the bejeebers out of it to get as much 'slouch' as I can. It is 100% wool, so hopefully the blocking will help. Either way, I like the hat, so it's all good. I already have plans for another hat that is even slouchier than this if this isn't enough! Oh, a picture of the slouch so far:So I think with the final bit of knitting and some blocking, it will be pretty nice. Even if it isn't quite what I had envisioned! Isn't that the way it often goes?