Wednesday, December 02, 2009


ThE Black Tomato Top is DONE!!!! The yarn softened up considerably after washing, so I an really pleased.

Alas, I fail as a model. Didn't realize it was rucked up a bit on one side for the photos. Ah well, rest assured the knit doesn't ACTUALLY do that...


Pattern: Tomato from No Sheep For You

Yarn: Stella from Debbie Bliss (60% silk, 20% rayon, 20% cotton)

Needles: As called for in pattern

Modifications: didn't do the coloured band across the chest. Made it long sleeved. Did that by changing back to the larger needles called for in the pattern about 4 inches out from the body. I didn't do any decreaes on the sleeves and that resulted in a nice bell-like sleeve.

Verdict: I really like this sweater. It is very soft now that it is washed. I probably won't be buying this yarn again, though. It was QUITE splitty.