Thursday, October 22, 2009

Outsmarted Myself

I am working on my earflap hat. The pattern says something like, 'pick up the number of cast on stitches and knit together to form a seam. This is easier to do if you pick up a few cast-on stitches at a time on your dpn.'

Genius that I am, I thought I would pick up all the stitches at once using a circular needle. I neglected to factor in the small detail that the cast on stitches will be rather tight. Even with a much smaller needle, they weren't going to slide over the smallest circular needle I had. But I had already picked up all the stitches, I didn't want to pull them off and re-pick them up. So I unscrewed the needle tip (gotta love interchangeable needle sets) and am transferring the stitches a few at a time over to my dpn. My itty bitty sock knitting metal dpn. It's a pain, but it's getting the job done.

I WILL have my earflap hat. Dammit.