Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Husband Cooks!

I did finish the earflap hat. I have yet to take pictures. Sigh. So, in lieu of that, I offer you another distraction. How I get my husband to make dinner.

First you get the main ingredient ready (beans in this case) and the first batch of seasonings together.

Label as '1'Then you get the second batch of ingredients/seasonings readyLabel as '2'Then type up instructions like so:

Drain beans and dump in biggest pot.
Add 4 cups distilled water
Add contents of bowl labelled '1', stir
bring to a boil and then REDUCE HEAT to low, cover partially and simmer for 1 hour
take out bay leaves and throw out.
Add contents of bowls labelled '2'. (there are 4 of them-2 bowls and 2 measuring cups)
Cover and bake in oven at 350 degrees. check regularly to see if they need water. Add if you think they are not wet enough/stir

And the last step is....(drumroll please).....make sure you (me) are going to be home before it is done!

Actual recipe for Baked beans I am using is here.