Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It WAS a Swatch. Sort of

I decided I needed to knit the Shapely Tank on the weekend. The yarn had been bought a few years back with the intention to knit this. When I looked at the pattern, however, it looked too complicated to me. I felt intimidated and set it aside. When I picked up the pattern this past weekend, I wondered what had seemed so difficult. Excitedly I cast on. A swatch was not knitted. The plan was to knit a bit and then measure gauge on the actual garment. About 25 rows in, I checked gauge. It's supposed to be 5 sts/inch. I was getting 6! Which means that the tank would have been about 6 inches too small. Dammit. I frogged it.

It looked lovely and I have high hopes for the final product.