Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I have been chugging away at joining the hairpin lace. It is tedious. Not quite as bad as seaming up knitting, but still.....

In other news, I went out to admire my basil, as it is finally getting big enough to admire and saw this:

I didn't see the culprit, but I am willing to be it is a repeat of last year's earwig buffet. This summer has been every bit as rainy and damp as last year's and htat is exactly what mucnched up my plants last year. Bastards.

I potted up some new seeds inside today as a failsafe and am going to try to save the outdoor plant using an organic remedy that a lady on Ravelry said worked for her-take a cheap plastic container like the kind you get sour cream in, poke a few holes in the lid and then put in a mix of half soy sauce and half vegetable oil. Apparently the earwigs like that better and climb in andcan't climb out. Now, to find a plastic tub....