Monday, March 02, 2009

Hardly Working

Today's pos tis brought to you from work. Where the computer crashed. Supposedly some brilliant IT guy tried to update the programming on the main computer at work. The one that all the other terminals connect to and if it goes down, the network goes down. The update crashed the main terminal. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Fortunately, we had a little bit of work to keep us occupied. We worked slowly to stretch it out.

During the enforced hiatus I recieved a faxed prescription for one of our patients. A small child. For whom the doctor prescribed Tylenol Elixer with codeine. The tech informs me that this child gets the plain Tylenol on prescription because the drug plan will pay for it. Which then begs the question, why does the prescription have Tylenol with codeine??? I phoned the (very rude) doctor and was informed that he could only find Tylenol with codeine on his computer and not what we asked him to write for. Which I find very hard to believe....

Let me get this couldn't find Tylenol on your handy computer prescribing program? Really? So instead, you prescribed a narcotic???? Instead of, oh, calling me? ::headdesk:: We did get it straightened out. But really, maybe next time he should let Raven use the prescribing software. Can't be worse.