Monday, March 09, 2009

Decision Funk

I seem to be hitting some kind of wall around here. I pick up a project and whiz along. Till I reach a point where I have to decide something. Repairing the hubby socks? I may have started the toe decreases too late. I have to put it on his foot to determine if I should rip back a bit. So they sit in the pile.

BLT? (Black Tomato)...I think I might rip the sleeve back to above the elbow and continue on larger needles. The last time I tried it on I thought the sleeve might be a bit tight around the elbow. But....that means trying it on again and deciding if I need to rip or not and then switching needles, or not. So it sits in the pile.

Noragi? As I reach the 23.5" mark, I find myself slowing down. Is it long enough? Nearly. Should I measure? Probably. But that means getting off my ass and doing it. So it sits.

Jean purse? It's not the size I had envisioned. I need to rip it out and start over. But that means I'd have to go get it and rip. Which would result in bits of fluff landing everywhere. Which means I would then feel the need to vacuum. Don't wanna. So it sits.

Tofutsies sock? I need to add gusset stitches. So I would need to dig out stitch markers. I feel lazy. So it sits.

I'm sure I'm forgetting at least one wip. Checking into that means I'd have to get up. Not going to happen. Here I sit.
Pagan has no problems with any of this.