Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One for the Good Guys

In my area there has been a man going around the pharmacies and robbing them at threatened gunpoint of Oxycontin. He didn't actually show a gun, but claimed he had one. He has been hitting stores at the rate of about 1 every 2 weeks or so. So this weekend, the police figured he'd be out of pills and sticking up another store. They stationed men strategically around town and waited. Sure enough, the robber held up a pharmacy saturday eveining just before close. The staff watched him leave and then checked out his car so they could give a description to the police. Guess what his geta away vehicle was?

A CAB!!!!

The police quickly set up roadblocks around the area the pharmacy was in and got their man.

So my world is a little safer for the moment. Makes me happy I can tell you!