Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Which is Italian for fog. I felt like I was in my parent's hometown of Novara, Italy on my drive home today. The fog was so thick that my headlights were "whiting out" in the fog. All I could see was cloud. Which reminded me of a story my grandma used to tell. I may have recounted it already, but it was one of my favorites as a child and I never tired of it. So I am going to tell it here (again, if the case may be):

Your grandpa and I were driving home from Milan one night when it was very very foggy. You couldn't see the end of the car hood, never mind the road. Grandpa was afraid he would drive off the road. So he had me roll down my window and put my head out the window and look at the line painted on the side of the road. If he started to stray from the straight and narrow I was to holler out directions..."left, go left....NONONONO ,RIGHT,RIGHT!!!!" and we drove home slowly with me shouting out directions like a madwoman.

My grandma seemed like a very dignified woman. At least to me as a child. So the image of her sticking her head out the window and hollering like that tickled me pink. Still does, come to think of it....