Friday, February 27, 2015

Flower Slippers!

A friend has a birthday coming up, and she always has cold feet, so I thought a nice pair of felted slippers would go over well. French Press Knits Slippers are adorable. I had enough wool to make them, so I we are off to the races. Once knit up and felted, however, I really didn't like the tab for the front. I suspect it was because the slippers was so small. (friend has size 6 feet, thus smallest size knitted) Therefore, I did what any good knitter would do and improvised. I no longer had any blue yarn, having used it up on the sole and the now defunct tabs. Dark grey looked good, though, so I made 2 flowers for the front. I REALLY was flying by the seat of my pants and completely ad-libbed a pattern for the flower. I cast on 30 stitches, knit one row, knit front and back on the net row, knit 2 more rows and bound off. Then I wound the fabric up into a flower shape and sewed it on the front. I am rather pleased with the result.

French press slippers feltedFrench press slippers felted