Monday, July 08, 2013

Air Plants!

I have been fascinated lately with Air Plants. Also known as Tilandsia epiphytes. They don't need dirt to live. They just need to be dunked in water once a week or so, depending on how humid your  area is.

My birthday was coming up, so I had the perfect excuse to get some.
I ordered them from Tropical Expressions. Since I am just starting out, I got the 11 pack of random plants. I ordered them on a Thursday and they arrived on the Tuesday. (Monday was a stat, so they might even have been here faster!).

Here they are soaking after their arduous journey: airplant

And drying out, I attempted to figure out which plant they were and labelled em, correctly, I hope!

airplants 002airplants 003

and all together:

airplants 001
I forgot to get a labelled pic of the Bulbosa....

Here is one of the little displays I have put together:

airplant butzi sake
Another display:

display sandwine

And the display I am most excited about (excuse the crap lighting...raining, AGAIN, here)

mounted ok

I glued together some of the wine corks I have been saving and put it up on a little stand. I am really pleased with this one.