Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Stash Shrug

I've had this Rowan linen Print yarn in the stash for a while and never really saw a pattern I wanted to make  with it. Then I saw the Shrug pattern by Bonnie Jacobs. However I did not have enough yarn to do it without mods. In addition, the Rowan was bulkier than the yarn called for. So, this is heavily modified.

Yarn: Rowan linen print

  •  Size 8 needles for cuffs and 10’s for sleeves/body. 
  •  Did increase on rows 1 AND 3 of the the 5 row repeat (instead of just row 1) 
  •  Did a garter border on the body to prevent stockinette roll  (not enough yarn to knit on                  border after). Thus sleeves are shorter and more dolman-like


shrug frontshrug back

Happy knitting!