Friday, June 29, 2012


With the advent of warmer weather, I have been wearing my hair up quite a bit. I find that ponytails tend to pull and buns do as well. However, hairsticks keep my hair up and don't pull or hurt. I have no idea why the difference, but hey, if it works...

So I went to the dollar store and bought 10 chopsticks for $1. Then , of course, I thought, hey, why not decorate em?  This is my first attempt.

Step one, find nail polish that you already own:


Step 2, paint on a couple of coats  of one: (after wrapping masking tape on the chopstick to make a nice neat line)


Let it dry and then paint a couple of coats of the second polish. Let dry, peel tape and you  have:


A hairstick that your 5 year old might have painted!  Tada!

Seriously, not bad, but not great. Some of the polish managed to leak under the masking tape and the polish started to dry before I was done painting, so the result is NOT a nice smooth finish as I had envisioned.  Might try wrapping the next one with sock yarn.....

As for how to put my hair up, this was the clearest video.