Monday, March 05, 2012

Not Dead Yet

I have been desultorily working on hubs stockinette hat. A nasty cold derailed me for a while and stuff just got in the way of knitting. So, instead, an 'around the house' post. My stove is 17 or so years old. It has buttons instead of dials for oven and timer controls. The buttons are covered with little rubber mushroom. Which break semi regularly. Like so:


Fortunately, you can order new rubber button thingies. In order to put the new one in, you have to pull the stem from the broken one. Tweezers and needlenose pliers are handy for this job. Here is a crappy pic of a new button and the broken pieces of the old one:


Then all you have to do is push the new one in the hole and you have nice new rubber button thingies.

button done