Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hat Knitting

My mittens are on hold. Hubby asked specifically for a hat. A very particular hat. So we went to the yarn store and he picked out the yarn:

grey hat
At least it isn't black yarn!

I had to do some digging around to figure out how to get what he wanted. Specifically, an all-stockinette hat. With an edge that doesn't roll. I opted to go with a reversible hat design. Basically, you do a provisional cast on, knit one hat, then undo the provisional cast on, knit another hat from those stitches and then push the one hat into the other hat.

All in fingering weight yarn. Yah, it's taking a while. Although it is good tv knitting.


The provisional cast on was a pain. I didn't want to do the crochet chain one. I've done it before and detested undoing the chain. So I did a looped provisional cast on. The fist time I thought I'd be smart and do it onto a circular needle so I wouldn't have to pick up stitches. That just made the whole cast on waaaaaay too tight. So I did it with waste yarn. (the blue yarn above). In retrospect, maybe if I had tried it with a longer circular it would have worked. Either way, it's cast on.