Monday, November 28, 2011

Knitted Mittens for Me!

I decided I needed new mittens for me. After perusing various patterns, I decided on Brier Twist as it is a flip-top mitten which will come in handy. (Handy. Get it? heh heh. I crack me up)

The first one is almost done. Thumb not finished , ends not woven in and there is something funky going on where the one side of the flip top meets the mitten. However I am confident that I can fix all that. Want to see a picture of my not quite finished mitt? Of course you do. You are a knitter! (I suspect. However if you are just popping by for the hell of it, welcome!)

grey closed

Same mitten, flipped open:

grey open

The cuff is a bit longer than the pattern calls for, I wanted it that way, I hate scraping ice on the car and getting cold bits on my delicate skin.

This is just the first one. I still have to cast on the second! SMS anyone? (second mitten syndrome. related to Second Sock syndrome)