Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Yarn!

Before I went to Italy, I went to a yarn store that shall remain nameless. They did not have what I wanted. They tried to sell me something else. Were quite pushy about it, actually. I tried to escape gracefuly by saying, "Well, I'm going to Italy in a week, I'll see if I can find it there and if not, I'll be back..." The woman looked down her nose at me and said "It is getting VERY difficult to find GOOD yarn stores in Italy, you know." Uh huh.

I'll spread the funky yarns over a few posts so you don't get bored, folks.

First up, Louisiana from Lana Gatto:


This is VERY thick yarn:


Basically roving in a net tube. I got 2 skeins of it and am thinking an infinity type scarf for it. The yarnshop lady said that most people work it with their hands, they don't bother with a knitting needle. I can see why!