Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I Need a Drink

I cast on for a sweater. Tess by Kim Hargreaves. I love me some Kim Hargreaves.
I did not have enough bulky yarn in my stash, so I am using some other yarn doubled up. I think it might still be a tad less thick than the pattern expects, but it is turning out nicely, so I'm not worried.
Getting this knit started was a bit of a process though. I had to cast on 3 times. The first time I started knitting the medium size. It was HUGE. Probably due to the yarn sub I did. So I cast on again for the smaller size. And then screwed up a stitch. And dropped a couple of stitches trying to fix the screw up. Swore and threw yarn across room. Ripped. Cast on AGAIN. Third time is the charm, I suppose, as it is going much better now.
The knitting has progressed to the splitting for the sleeve-holes. so the knit looks a bit funny as it is curled up on the cables, but here is a progress picture:

Here is a better angle for the eyelets along the lower edge:

Obviously, this is unblocked, raw knitting...and just in case you were wondering at the project box:

Seems appropriate considering the trouble I had getting this to start off properly. Verily, I name this knit.....Whiskey!
( this project 'bag' has the added bonus of being cat-proof)